2018 Keynote Presenter: Brian Dusablon

Profile picture of Brian DusablonBrian Dusablon is an entrepreneur, coach, and generalist who has worked in the elearning industry for over 20 years as a trainer, developer, instructional designer, LMS administrator, project manager, and consultant. Working with organizations and individuals, he applies existing and emerging technologies to simplify processes, improve performance, and measure outcomes. Brian is frequently asked to speak on a range of topics, including accessibility, user experience, innovative technologies, and entrepreneurship.

As the founder of Learning Ninjas, Brian leads a collaborative consultancy focused on creating and teaching about accessible and effective learning solutions and technologies. Through another venture, Duce Enterprises, he helps small business and freelancers make better decisions about technology and web presence, and coaches professionals in entrepreneurship and career development

“Accessibility: Designing Learning Experiences for All”

Accessibility is about more than compliance. It is about making sure everyone can access what we design and have an equal opportunity to learn. We are up for the challenge. Brian provides motivation and tools to help us on our mission to design for all.

Brian examines real-world scenarios and stories about accessibility and how inclusive design benefits everyone. He explores how to initiate and extend the accessibility conversation with stakeholders, creating accessibility standards, and teaching others about designing universal solutions.

One of the greatest opportunities a human being has is learning. Let’s commit to changing perspectives and vocabulary and begin designing for all.