Cindy Plunkett

Manager | eLearning & Educational Technologies
Baycrest Health Sciences
Toronto, Ontario Canada

About Me
I love all educational technology and see myself as a resource and a receptacle.  There is always something new to learning and discover!  My true passion is engaging and collaborating with other like-minded individuals, which is why I love the Canadian eLearning Conference community; everyone has a valuable story to tell and knowledge to share.  My virtual door is always open!

Committee Role – Executive Director Finance
I attended the very first 2 Canadian eLearning conferences and after accepting a position as eLearning Project Lead at Mount Sinai I was extended an invitation to join the committee.  I have been with the committee ever since and truly enjoy volunteering my time every year to collaborate with the other brilliant healthcare eLearning minds that make the eACH conference a success.

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