Mackenzie Moyer

eLearning Instructional Designer & Developer Cameco
Baycrest Health Sciences
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

About Me:

I taught English in Taiwan for 5 years. During those years, my students taught me a lot about learning and about the roles game mechanics can play in turning recall practice into fun. This is something I channel into my work as an eLearning instructional designer and developer. I’m exploring Unity3D and xAPI and studying in UBC’s Master of Educational Technologist program (online). I take care of our son during most of my non-work time. I squeeze in exercise and reading history books when I can.

Committee Role – Inter-professional Liaison and Networking Director

This will be my first year in a newly created position, and my second year on the conference’s committee. I’m working to expand the Conference’s relationships by contacting schools, professional bodies, and other organizations.


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