Each year we survey our attendees and gather what they have to say about the conference.

Overall Conference Feedback: What did you like about the event?

“The diversity, the friendliness of organizers. They were helpful and easily approachable. The food was excellent. The location was ideal and it was easy to find rooms in that building. The pre-mixer was very interesting I networked and found new colleagues to exchange ideas. I totally would recommend this conference to all in the field of eLearning, not just healthcare.”

“The relevance to my day to day job The knowledgeable speakers The available booths. Although few, each target something that is needed. I have already made efforts to utilize the e-learning narrators for my team that were present at the conference. Meals and snacks were great Energy and organization was wonderful.”

“Two things: 1) There is always an opportunity to take back some golden nuggets of knowledge either from the sessions that were being provided by the knowledgeable presenters, or from the side bar conversations that take place with the other attendees. 2) The opportunity to network with like minded eLearning Developers and LMS Administrators is great. The knowledge sharing, or the sharing of our common woes is such so helpful and in some cases cathartic.”

“I liked how organized everything was. All speakers and attendees were extremely open and welcoming and made learning and sharing thoughts and ideas much easier. I definitely learned a lot and will be recommending the conference to my friends and coworkers.”


Various Session Feedback:long view of row of students listening to a talk

“That was the best session! So many new  tools to try…”

“Awesome session, great showcase and very inspiring.”

“Very knowledgeable, really loved her dynamic approach and examples.”

“Great practical tips. A good introduction to an intimidating tool”

students sitting in a classroom



“Very engaging presentation, lots of audience involvement.
Gave me a new perspective on how to consider approaching video development.”


“I enjoyed every aspect of this session…”Prsenters for Show and Share in front of room

“I really liked the style of the day…”

“Show and Share [has] so many great ideas, this is my favourite part of the conference.”