Tracy Parish

Education Technology Specialist
Southlake Regional Health Centre
Newmarket, Ontario, Canada


About Me:
I’m on a constant journey to learn more and push myself farther to keep up on current trends and topics in not only the instructional design field, but learning in general.  Long ago now, I implemented our Organization’s LMS, and now I administer that same system as well as design & develop the organization’s online. A passion for me is collaborating with others to learn more from one another and explore together new and exciting ways to engage learners.

Outside of work I’m an avid photographer, love hiking and mountain biking to the point of getting lost in the woods, and camping whenever I get the opportunity.

Committee Role – Social Media/Marketing Director
As the Marketing Director I’m tasked with tapping into many different social media mediums to share and push information regarding the conference.  This includes all the time leading up to and during the event.  Our team is responsible for managing the website, mail outs, online advertising, various social media accounts, and the conference app.  Are goal is to ensure our participants are have the information they need and are as engaged and excited as we are for the upcoming conference year.

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